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junglejesse's Journal

29 October
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Hello. My name is Bingo. I like to climb on things. Can I have a banana? EEK! EEK!
311, adventures, aimee mann, ak1200, american beauty, animal rights, art, autumn, backpacking, bands, beaches, being john malkovich, bjork, black rock city, body art, bookstores, boston, burning man, camping, cancers, canoeing, cartooning, cat stevens, charcoal sketching, classic rock, clockwork orange, clubbing, coffee, concerts, creating, creative writing, daft punk, dancing, daria, debates, didgeridoo, discussions, diversity, djs, dnb, dogma, drum and bass, eastern religion, emo, empire records, experimenting, feeling left out, flick, fog, free speech, freedom, gabber, gay rights, goldfinger, grooverider, guitar, hardcore, hatebreed, hiking, hippies, honesty, house, human traffic, ideas, incubus, independent film, indie rock, jerry stahl, jimmy eat world, jungle, kayaking, kevin smith, knowledge, kruder and dorfmeister, learning, less than jake, liz phair, maine, massachusettes, medicine drum, meditation, modern rock, morcheeba, music, my two dogs, mystery science theater, nag champa, nature, new age, new experiences, ocean, outdoors, painting, peanut butter captain crunch, pedro the lion, people, philosophy, piercings, playa, poetry, progressive, psychology, punk, puppy breath, radiohead, rain, raves, ray bradbury, reach the sky, reading, requiem for a dream, roadtrips, run lola run, saves the day, scorpios, seattle, shows, silverjet, sister hazel, sledding, snowboarding, songwriting, soul coughing, southpark, steve porter, stretching, sublime, sunny day real estate, sunsets, tattoos, taurus, tauruses, techno, technology, the beatles, the pietasters, the simpsons, thinkers, tolerance, trainspotting, trance, tree, tribal house, underworld, vegetarianism, vegetarians, view askew, virginia, weezer, writing